Multilingual WPF Applications - on CodeProject

Well it seems that multilingual WPF applications is a hot topic, at least according to my most visited posts and a few questions posted on CodeProject. That has kick-started me into writing an article based on my implementation described on this site.

The article may be viewed at:

Screenshot of language selection on sample application

Being my first CodeProject article, it was a bit of a learning experience. Fortunately there's some good information on getting started with writing & submitting articles and perspectives on how to make it a good article.

The good thing that an article template [ZIP] is provided with HTML file for writing the article, which is a good way to work on it offline and preview how it will look when it's published.

When it comes to submission and publishing, I chose to use the submission wizard rather than email it by ZIP file. While this has its convenient advantages, there are a few points to note:

Other things I learned in the process:

And lastly, it's a good thing to have fun in the process - it probably shows, given that I styled the sample.